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China Southern Subway Simulation CenterNon-profit organization dedicated to making simulated subway driving maps

Delicate lines

We provide elaborate subway simulation lines for free. The production of all the lines took us a lot of time to produce. We went to the subway station to collect materials from our own pockets to collect materials, only to be able to more realistically restore the original scenery of the lines.

Beautiful trains

In order to make the line more realistic, we also spend time making trains in the game. During the production of the train model, we collected information from various places and asked the factory staff to make the train so realistic in both appearance and sound.

Excellent service

If games or lines are not installed, we also provide free instructions. Join our QQ group to get the latest news and information, and feedback to the producer. Just to let you have a smoother driving simulation experience!

Our production philosophyJust to make you feel a more realistic subway driver experience

If you only drive a few of these stations, you will probably not be able to experience the full experience of the on-duty driver at the same time. Since 2018, all the lines we have produced are full lines that include all stations, and include large and small intersections. You can experience the driver's workflow from start to finish.

Whether it is a train or a line, it will pass many studies by our producers. Every turnout and every stop in the line; every handrail and every seat in the train will be shot after we personally step on the point to make it, so that you can get immersive driving during the game Experience.

Of all the resources we provide, trains, lines, and consultations are free and do not charge a penny for subway enthusiasts. The producers of the center rely on their love of the subway to make and publicize the subway at their own expense, only to make more people like the subway and carry forward the Chinese railway culture.

Production staff and friendly partners People contributing to the lines


Latest production progressUpdate from time to time

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Capital Airport T3 Express

The whole track laying and landscape layout are completed. At present, there are still stations and terminals to be updated. We will go to Beijing to collect materials in the near future.

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Beijing Subway DK1/2/3 train

The earliest batch of subways in China: DK1/2/3 have completed all production. You can see the effect of the reconnection of these three trains in the game.

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Beijing Subway Line 2

Completed the production of FUXINGMEN Station. Due to exhaustion of materials, the next update of Beijing Metro Line 2 will be in a long time.